Cliffhouse Bistro

Vintage Feel, Contemporary Flavours

All Day Brunch

to begin or end the day 

Granola Bowl $15

ask your server what makes ours special V

Shakshuka $22

two eggs baked in our harissa sauce, smoked bacon, pork sausage, sour-bread

DF please inform serve 



light snack & drink accompaniments 

Spiced Nuts & Kettle Chips $14

mixed nuts in maple syrup and spices slow roasted & kettle chips V/GF/DF 

Olives, Artichokes & Ciabatta $14

accompanied with balsamic & olive oil V/DF 

Warm Salted Pretzel $14

with beer cheese dip V



Good for 4, perfect for 2 

Nachos: Half $22 Full $38

home fried corn tortillas, pico, shredded cheddar & avocado V/GF

add beef, chicken or bean patty V $12 

Meat & Cheese Board $42

locally cured meats & pâtés, artisanal cheeses, nuts, jams & homemade bread


corn tortilla with sour cream, salsa, kettle chips & simple salad GF

Cumin Black Bean 2/$16 V Buffalo Chicken 2/$18 Lime Chipotle Beef 2/$20

pico de gallo, hombre sauce, crisp lettuce, cilantro & avocado


salads fit for a meal

add beef, chicken or bean patty V $12 

Simple Salad $17

mixed greens, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, hemp seeds & maple balsamic vinaigrette V/DF

TexiCanadia $21

mixed greens, artisan blend, roasted pico, crisp tortilla chips, avocado, monterey jack cheese & catalina dressing V 

Caesar $21

romaine, crispy bacon, shaved parmesan, croutons & caesar dressing


with kettle chips & simple salad

Ratatouille & Feta $21

cumin and tomato roasted vegetables & cream cheese V 

Turkey Club $24

slab bacon , tuna salad cranberry mayonnaise & brie

Classic Roast Beef $26

gorganzola, crispy onions & horseradish mascarpone


10 inch neapolitan style served with honey garlic & chili oil 

Wine Country $22

grapes, walnuts, confit garlic, brie, bocconcini & arugula V 

Quattro Formaggi $22

bocconcini, gorganzola, fontina, garlic, parmesan & arugula V 

Are You Game? $24

venison salami, bison, smoked duck, coppa, bocconcini & arugula

V/Vegetarian/GF Gluten-Free/DF Dairy-free 


please ask your server for our selection

Glass 5 oz /$14 Bottle /$40

On Tap

Strawberry Smash Cocktail

gin, strawberry, mint, lemon, cane 7.0 % – 8 oz glass /$14.5 punch powl 25 oz /$42.50 

Ride or Dry

Banff Ave. Brewing Co. Pilsner 4.8 % huge on hop flavor, light on bitterness pint 16 oz /12.5 pitcher 60 oz /32.5

Walk a Chamomile In Her Shoes

Banff Ave. Brewing Co.Gruit Ale 4.9% light & delicate with subtle honey malt pint 16 oz /$12.5 pitcher 60 oz /$32.5

Head Smashed

Banff Ave. Brewing Co. IPA 6.2 % a big fresh IPA that is well balanced pint 16 oz /$12.5 pitcher 60 oz /$32.5

Ciders & Beer

Bavaria Non Alc. pilsner 0% 355ml /$5.5

Whistler Forager GF lager 5.0% 355ml /$7

White Wit belgian white 5.0% 355ml /$7

Black Pil schwarzbier 4.9% 355ml /$7

Rock Creek Cider dry apple 5.0% 355ml /$7

Guinness stout 4.2% 330ml /$9

Heineken lager 5.0% 330ml /$9

Corona light lager 4.5% 330ml /$9


Espresso /$5.5

Iced Latte /$6

Latte/Cappuccino /$6

Regular Drip Coffee /$5

add: Bailey, Kahlua, Frangelico, Amarula 1oz – $5.5 or 2oz $8.5

Jolene’s Tea House

organic single tea pots /$4.50

Masala Chai

black tea

Jasmine Gold


Banff Breakfast

black tea

Blueberry Rooibos


Alpine Peppermint


Creamy Earl Grey

black tea

Strawberry Matcha


Golden Chamomile


Pop & Juice

500ml /$4

Coke Fanta Sprite

Nestea Diet Coke

Root Beer Ginger Ale

Apple Juice Orange Juice

Drinks Menu


Strawberry Smash Cocktail

gin, strawberry, mint, lemon, cane
8 oz glass   14.5  – Punch Bowl 25 oz   42.50

Norquay 96

Banff Ave. Brewing Co.
Hazy Pale  citrus, huge on hop flavor, light on bitterness
Pint 20 oz  12.5 – Pitcher 60 oz  32.5

Rhinestone Cowboy

Big Rock Brewery
Layered Ale light & delicate with subtle fruity notes
Pint 20 oz  12.5 – Pitcher 60 oz  32.5

Head Smashed

Banff Ave. Brewing Co.
IPA a big fresh IPA that is complex and well-balanced
Pint 20 oz  12.5 – Pitcher 60 oz  32.5


Big rock Brewery
Beer & Ciders

355ml / 7
Ride or Dry Pilsner 4.8%
White Wit Belgian white 5.0 %
Black Pil German style schwarzbier 4.9%
Rock Creek Cider Dry apple 5.0% GF


Import Beers

330ml / 8
Guinness stout 4.2%%
Corona pale lager 4.5%%
Heineken lager style 5.0%



Please ask your server for our current selection
Glass  14 – Bottle 40



Bailey, Kahlua, Frangelico, Amarula
1 oz – 5.5 or 2 oz 8.5
Espresso /5.5
Iced Latte /6
Chai Latte /6
Hot Chocolate /5
Latte /Cappuccino /6
Regular Drip Coffee /5

Jolene’s Tea House

Single pot tea  /  4.50
Masala Chai
Organic black tea
Jasmine Gold
Organic O0long
Banff Breakfast
Organic black tea
Blueberry Rooibos
Organic decaff
Alpine Peppermint
Organic decaff
Creamy Earl Grey
Organic black tea
Strawberry Matcha
Organic green
Golden Chamomille
Organic decaff


Cold Drinks

400ml /4

Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite Nestea,
Root Beer, Ginger Ale,
Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice

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