How long does the chairlift take?

Eight minutes up & eight minutes down. Plenty of time to spot one of Banffs resident grizzly or black bears.

How does the chairlift work?

Getting to the top is as easy as sitting down. When called by the lift attendant, simply step up to the red line and await your chair. As the chair arrives, all you need do is sit down and let our chairlift do the rest.

I’ve never ridden a open-air chairlift before. I’m scared.

Don’t be afraid, our lift attendants don’t bite (much) and can stop the lift for anyone who isn’t familiar with riding an open-air chairlift. This also applies to those who require assistance or a little extra time sitting down.

How high does the chairlift go?

We’ll be taking you to 7,000ft above sea level to the best selfie location in Banff.

What’s an open-air chairlift?

Unlike an enclosed Gondola, an open-air chairlift allows you to ride up the mountain with your legs dangling freely below you. Each chair is outfitted with a safety bar so you aren’t in any danger of falling out.

What’s at the top?

Jaw dropping vistas, high-alpine dining in an avalanche proof restaurant hand carved into the side of the mountain, breathtaking views of Banff and the Bow Valley, mountain climbing and the #1 activity in Banff, Big Horn Sheep, an interpretive walkway and a couple of ground squirrels. No big deal.

Are there any height or age restrictions?

Children 2 and under are unable to ride chairlift for safety reasons.

Can I bring my cat or dog with me?

Unfortunately our chairlift isn’t outfitted with seats to accommodate cats or dogs.

Can I bring my Tim Hortons?

Only if you bring enough for everyone to share. A box of 20 Timbits should do it.